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We’re always looking to work with great companies in the nonprofit fundraising world.

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Are you a software platform looking to integrate matching gift functionality into your product? Contact us to learn more about our APIs and integration options.

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You’re the experts for your clients. Keep that expertise growing and the creative ideas coming with the help of our blogs, guides, and webinars, which are filled with best practices from the highest performing organizations in the world.


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Want to become a Double the Donation expert? We have all the product documentation, tips, and tutorials you need to become a certified Double the Donation expert and take the power of the platform to the next level.


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Leverage our APIs and multiple partner technical integration options. We prioritize partnerships, so let us know if there’s specific functionality you need.

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Partners need a different level of support than customers do. Let’s work together to help our clients reach unprecedented levels of success.

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We recognize that nonprofits come in all shapes and sizes. Our goal is to ensure we work with our partners to come up with a pricing and billing structure that works for their nonprofit clients.

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A matching gift integration is only successful if it’s beneficial for your company. Let’s work together to build the ideal matching gift functionality in your platform and structure a business relationship that fits in with your company’s goals and helps your business grow.

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We want to be a great partner. Whether that’s making feature enhancements, co-hosting webinars, performing joint marketing, providing training, or whatever else your company needs, we want to make sure that we structure agreements that allow our relationship to grow successfully over time.

Are you looking to incorporate matching gift tools into your platform or fundraising offering?

Double the Donation partners and integrates with a variety of donation platforms, CRMs, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer sites, consulting firms, associations, nonprofit resources, blogs, and many other services.