Update Company Information

Double the Donation’s Database:

Double the Donation provides the largest database of companies that offer employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs for their employees. If your company has a matching gift program and you’d like to suggest that we add your company to Double the Donation’s database, please visit this new company submission page.

If you’d like to provide updated matching gift or volunteer grant information to be considered for a future database update, please email data@doublethedonation.com. It’s helpful to provide:

  • A PDF, Word document, or publicly accessible URL outlining how your matching gift or volunteer grant program works.
  • A PDF, Word Document, or URL which your employees use to submit their matching gift or volunteer grant requests.

Additionally it’s helpful if you’re able to provide updated program details like:

  • Minimum, maximum, and match ratio
  • Employee eligibility
  • Nonprofit eligibility
  • Volunteer grant hours required and specifics on the volunteer grant amount
  • Contact information for the program administrator
  • Any additional instructions or program specifics

Our team reviews proposed updates sent to data@doublethedonation.com to determine if/when the database should be updated.

Additional Notice:

Double the Donation, LLC (“DD”, “we” or “us”) provides a service, through the DD website, pursuant to generally accepted industry standards, by which charitable and nonprofit organizations can identify and help others take advantage of their employers’ donation matching programs (the “Service”).  To provide the Service, it is necessary to identify third party employers, which may be done by use of their names, trademarks, and/or other branding (together, “Third Party Marks”).

DD respects the intellectual property rights of others.  To that end, DD takes special care not to use any Third Party Marks in any manner likely to cause consumer confusion.  Nevertheless, applicable law permits DD to use Third Party Marks without permission or under license, because (i) it is not possible to provide the Service without the use of Third Party Marks; (ii) DD uses only so much of these Third Party Marks as is reasonably necessary to provide the Service; and (iii) DD makes no attempt to claim a commercial association with any person or entity whose Third Party Marks are used in providing the Service.

This means that, if you object to DD’s use of Third Party Marks on the DD site, DD will not and is not obligated to remove the Third Party Marks against which an objection is made.

In addition, the information provided by DD through the Service is based on publicly-available information about the persons and entities cited on the DD website.  DD endeavors to provide the most accurate and current information available in providing the Services.  Nevertheless, if you believe any information provided through the Service about you (or a company on whose behalf you are authorized to act) is inaccurate, you may submit a request for correction to us by emailing data@doublethedonation.com.

For avoidance of confusion, DD shall have sole and absolute discretion to modify or not modify any information contained on the DD website, irrespective of whether you submit a request for correction with respect to any such information.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The foregoing statements are informational in nature.  They should not be construed as legal advice or as a final and complete statement of DD’s rights or its position with respect to the subject matter hereof.  DD expressly reserves all rights, remedies, claims and/or defenses available to it with respect to the foregoing.