The Double the Donation Story

It’s our goal to help organizations generate the funding that’s necessary to focus on their core missions of education, community enrichment, scientific research, or charitable giving.

headingIconThe Beginning of Our Journey in 2011

Double the Donation was founded when Adam, Double the Donation’s President, was working at a major bank and made donations to his university, the local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, and LLS.

By the time he realized his company had a matching gift program, it was too late to get many of those donations matched.

Discussions with multiple nonprofits revealed they all viewed matching gifts as bonus money. Double the Donation was started to help organizations proactively grow their matching gift revenue and focus more of their resources on their core mission.

Kanwei has been programming since he was 4, starting with creating text adventure games on his father’s office computer. He now holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from Emory University, and resides in Atlanta.

He joined Double the Donation in 2013. While he loves developing software to solve problems in the nonprofit space, he’s always eager to jump on calls with our largest nonprofit clients to help understand what our tech team can do to continue assisting them and thousands of other nonprofits in achieving their matching gift goals.

headingIconMeet Our Awesome Team


Client Success

Michaela - Double the Donation Client Success


Client Success

Sarah - Double the Donation Client Success


Client Success

Hannah - Double the Donation Client Success


Client Success

Madison - Double the Donation Partnerships



Erin - Double the Donation Partnerships



Julia - Double the Donation Partnerships



Hannah Silvers - Double the Donation Partnerships



Kati - Double the Donation Matching Gifts Manager


Matching Gifts Manager


Matching Gift Specialist


Software Development


Software Development

Sydney Faye - Sales Manager

Sydney Faye

Sales Manager


Account Executive


Account Executive

Candace - Double the Donation Account Executive


Account Executive


Account Executive









Health, Vision, Dental, and Long-Term Disability Insurance

Terrific health benefits with a significant percentage of your monthly premium paid by the company!

Profound Impact

Double the Donation works with nonprofits near and far, small and large. At Double the Donation you feel good knowing your work has a significant impact on these organizations.

401k with Match

You can participate in our 401(k) plan with a company match where the company contributes up to 4% of your salary.

Vacation and Sick Time

25 Paid Vacation and Sick Days Annually

Where are you going this year?

Everyone has 25 paid vacation & sick days!

So start planning your next trip with friends or family.

Life Leave

10 Days of Additional Life Leave Annually

Life Leave allows team members to use their holidays as it’s meant to be – a break – whilst knowing you’ve got the breathing space to tap into extra leave for the planned and unplanned life moments.

Accrue two weeks of paid leave annually for situations, such as settling in a new pet, moving, having a child, adoption, or final wedding preparations.

Save these up across multiple years or cash them out each year.

Paid Holidays

7 Additional Paid Holidays

You’ll have all the standard holidays off.

But most of our team takes extended holidays as not only do you have your 7 paid holidays, but you also accrue 35 additional paid days off (Vacation/Sick/Life Leave) each year for a total of 42 paid days off.

Matching Gift Benefit

Matching Gift Program

Make your donation go twice as far. We offer an employee matching gift program where we match donations made by employees to nearly any nonprofit or educational institution.

Volunteer Grant Benefit

Volunteer Grant Program

Volunteer regularly? At the end of each year we provide grants to nonprofits that employees volunteer at regularly.

Fundraising Sponsorship Benefit

Fundraising Sponsorship

Fundraising for a nonprofit through a Run/Walk/Ride type of event?

We provide a grant to kick-start your fundraising.

Team Volunteer Grants

Team Volunteer Grants

We want to support volunteer outings where groups of employees volunteer together.

Gather up five colleagues for a volunteer outing and we’ll either make a donation to that nonprofit or pay for supplies or equipment for the volunteer outing.

Board Service Grants

Board Service Grants

We want to support organizations where our employees serve on the nonprofit’s board.

Each year Double the Donation will make a donation directly to any nonprofit where an employee serves as a board member.

Career Development

Tons of Career Development Opportunities

From Day 1, we invite you to join the numerous training opportunities.

From twice per week presentations from your colleagues, to manager training available to all employees, to our business strategy book club, we invest in helping individuals grow in their careers.

Free Friday Lunches

Join our entire team each Friday as we go out for a team lunch.

Standing and Treadmill Desks

Join our office treadmill desk challenge! Or just mix things up by jumping on a treadmill desk and taking a casual stroll.

Neat Perks (Reading library and Training)

Enjoy the flexible hours, Spotify Premium, a team-shared library, birthday celebrations, quarterly volunteer and fun events, and more.

Want to join our growing Atlanta-based team?