The Largest and Most Up-to-Date Database of Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant Programs

Learn how we build and maintain the most robust and accurate matching gift database.

How we Build Our Matching Gift Database

We have a dedicated team of database researchers who build and maintain a database of all current matching gift programs.

Community Relations Departments

  • Part of a company’s Community Relations Department’s goals are centered around publicizing their charitable giving programs.
  • We maintain relationships with many corporations, while others contact us to be included within our database.

Matching Gift Program Administrators

  • Many companies outsource the administration of their matching gift programs to third party companies such as Cybergrants, YourCause, Benevity, and Causecast.
  • Over the years we’ve built relationships with many of these corporate platforms and they help to maintain accurate and up-to-date information.

Colleagues, Peers, and Partners

  • Double the Donation’s staff maintains a network of colleagues who work at most major companies.
  • This vital network is committed to getting your organization the most up-to-date information on matching gift policies.

Website Visitors

  • As the go-to destination for matching gift information for nonprofits, donors provide regular feedback.
  • Whether this is data on new company programs, program changes, or simply providing us with updated matching gift forms, this feedback ensures up-to-date matching gift information.

Corporate Websites

  • Some companies do a great job of providing up-to-date contact information, guidelines, and forms directly on their websites.
  • We leverage automated tools to discover new programs and monitor existing programs for changes.

Nonprofit Clients

  • Don’t be surprised if we ask you to share a list of companies that matched one or more donations to your organization in the last year.
  • We’re simply maintaining our world-class database. We want to ensure that our database is robust.

Want to add a new company or suggest an improvement?

If there is a company you know has a matching gift program which isn’t included in our database, please use this form to let us know.

Matching Gift Database Updates

8,500 nonprofits rely on our team to provide up-to-date matching gift forms and guidelines to their donors.

Ongoing Updates

With thousands of matching gift companies in our database, program details are constantly changing. We average multiple updates to our database every single day and these get updated in real time.

Updates include:

  • New companies with matching gift programs
  • New companies with volunteer grant programs
  • New or updated submission URLs
  • New or updated guideline URLs


Our automated and manual processes of reviewing all companies in our database ensure our matching gift and volunteer grant information remains accurate and up-to-date.

Updates include:

  • Updated form and guideline URLs
  • Updated corporate vendor information
  • Updated contact information such as email/phone numbers

Annual Database Updates

The majority of companies make significant changes to their matching gift and volunteer grant programs annually so you’ll see many major changes reflected in early January.

Updates include:

  • Major matching gift program changes
  • Major volunteer grant program changes
  • New minimum, maximums, and grant amounts
  • Changes to employee eligibility
  • Changes to nonprofit eligibility

headingIconPaper vs. Electronic Matching Gift Forms

Our service provides access to the matching gift forms that donors will need in order to submit their match requests to their employers. Below, we’ve listed the four available options sequentially based on our preferred method.

Want to add a new company or suggest an improvement?

If there is a company that has a matching gift program which isn’t included in our database, please let us know.