List of Top Volunteer Grant Companies

Companies providing generous grants to nonprofits when employees volunteer

Volunteer Grant CompanyMinimum HoursVolunteer Grant AmountMatching Gift Program Also Offered?
ExxonMobil20 Hours$500 for every 20 hours (Max $2,000)
Aetna20 hours$300 for every 20 hours
Outerwall (Coinstar / Redbox)10 Hours$15 per hour
Verizon50 Hours$750 for every 50 hours (Max $1,500)
ConocoPhillips20 Hours$500 for every 20 hours (Max $1,000)
MicrosoftNo Minimum$25 per hour
Dell10 Hours$150 for every 10 hours
RealNetworks10 Hours$15 per hour (Max $900)
Time Warner and Subsidiaries30 Hours$500
Allstate16 HoursEither $500 or $1,000 depending on role