Marketing Matching Gifts

Check out these ideas and examples to incorporate matching gifts across your fundraising and communications.

Donation Pages

Engagement is at its highest during the donation process. It’s a great time to promote matching gifts.

Raise matching gift awareness when donors are most receptive.

Confirmation Screens

Your donors clearly care about your organization. Provide match information immediately after the donation process.

The sooner after a donation that a matching gift request is submitted, the better. Match details placed directly on the confirmation page encourage immediate action.

Acknowledgement Letters

You’re already emailing or mailing thank you letters to donors. Modify these letters to promote matching gifts.

It’s an easy step, but it can make a big difference in matching gift awareness.

Dedicated Matching Gift Pages

Create a matching gift page for your nonprofit where you provide donors with company-specific matching gift forms, guidelines, and instructions. Then share this page with your supporters.

This is a page you will be referencing and linking back to throughout the matching gift promotional process, so ensure that it is as informative and encompassing as possible.

Website Navigation

Provide easy access to matching gift information for all of your website’s visitors.

You’ll want to direct donors to your matching gift page, either on your website or Double the Donation’s.

Ways to Give Page

As donors are looking for ways to support your organization, remind them that having their employers double their donations is a simple way to make their gift go further.

From the ways to give section of your website, direct donors to a page with more information. You could send them to your own matching gift page or the page hosted for you on Double the Donation’s website.


Do you send regular emails to donors?

Promote matching gifts in a dedicated email or as a section in a newsletter.

Spread the word!

Social Media

Reach digitally savvy donors and volunteers by scheduling matching gift reminders throughout the year.

This is a great opportunity to reach donors who aren’t as inclined to open emails or newsletters as other supporters. Cover your promotional bases.

Direct Mail

You are already mailing thank you letters and organizational information to supporters. Modify these letters to promote matching gifts.

The goal is to expose donors to matching gifts on as many communication platforms as possible. Direct mail is no exception.

Recognition Letters

After you receive a matching gift check from a corporation, don’t forget to acknowledge the donor who took a few minutes to submit the match request.

Recognizing your matching gift all-stars is a great way to encourage matching gifts while still ensuring your donors continue submitting their match requests in the coming years.

Last-Minute Reminders

While you should be encouraging donors to submit matching gift requests at the time of the donation, many companies have an extended grace period.

The end of each year / start of each new year are great times to remind all donors that there may still be time to submit a matching gift.

Don’t miss out on a final chance to double donations from the year!

Ready to start growing your matching gift revenue?